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Sewing with Knits - Lesson Four

Join Fashion Designer Joi Mahon, in this fun series, Sewing with Knits! Joi will start you out with the basics, get you acquainted with the knitty gritty when it comes to types, stretch, and tools that will help you be successful when it comes to sewing knits! Follow the entire 4-part series to gain more skills along the way.

In this class, Lesson 4, Joi will show you how you can take a pattern that was designed for woven fabric and adjust it to work with different knit fabrics. She'll also give you some great fitting tips, tricks, and techniques!

Techniques in this class can be applied using either a sewing machine or a serger.

Video length: 44:00 minutes

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Additional Information

Class Difficulty: Basic
Class Instructor: Joi Mahon

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