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Sewing with Knits - Lesson Two First Stitches with Knits

In this lesson with Fashion Designer Joi Mahon, learn how to apply different serger stitch finishes, their settings, and more on various knit fabrics! While you can certainly stitch a knit garment with a sewing machine, knits work really well with sergers. If you don't own a serger, this class is beneficial to see how a serger can help you stitch knits more efficiently and professionally. While Lesson Two focuses on serger stitches, the next lesson will show you how to sew a pair of yoga pants with both a serger and a sewing machine! Follow the entire 4-part series to gain more skills along the way.

Joi uses a Baby Lock Ovation in this class, but most of the stitches discussed in this video will be applicable to all Baby Lock sergers.

Video length: 59:51 minutes

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Class Difficulty: Basic
Class Instructor: Joi Mahon

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