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Free Motion Series - Lesson 1: Setting Yourself Up for Free Motion Success

This class is Lesson 1 of a five part Free Motion series with award winning quilter, Cathy Brown. Cathy’s easy and accessible style will have you looking for more quilt tops to be quilted!

In this first class, Cathy will show you what accessories will help you glide your quilt through your machine more smoothly, what types of thread, fabrics, and batting you will need as you are getting started. She also goes through the basics of setting up your machine for free motion including dropping the feed dogs, changing to the correct presser foot, and selecting the correct stitch and needle position.

This lesson was filmed on the Baby Lock Tiara III and Crescendo and the techniques taught in this class are applicable for all Baby Lock Tiara versions and Baby Lock home quilting machines.

Video length: 12:10 minutes

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Additional Information

Class Difficulty: Basic
Class Instructor: Cathy Brown

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